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DentSim is an advanced interactive system designed to teach, train and test manual skills of dental students and graduates in this field. The computer simulation system combines virtual patient, online teacher and a broad database of dental seminars, course curriculum and test procedures. The result is a comprehensive learning system that saves human resources while teaching and makes it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of the training process.


DentSim uses a technology of transforming real student movements into the virtual world with immediate feedback. Individual operations are easier to visualize in a virtual reality and can be simply divided into sub-steps for a close analysis.

The DentSim simulator consists of an advanced phantom and optical tracking system that works with DentSim software. The optical system uses stereoscopic cameras to monitor the set of sensors that are provided with infrared diodes (LEDs) for their localization. The sensors are located each of the dental tools and jaws of the patient's phantom. Every movement of a user is monitored by a camera located above the workstation. Once the camera captures signals, it can immediately determine the precise position and movement of the tip of the bur relative to the jaw (250 micron accuracy). This information is then transmitted to a computer and displayed in a virtual simulation. Students learn on the plastic teeth of a phantom with tactile bonding and at the same time in the virtual preparation that is happening on a three-dimensional tooth model in virtual reality, which allows a very accurate analysis of the procedure.


The DentSim simulator can be installed on the most commonly used phantom types (KaVo, Saratoga, A-dec, ...). By default, the phantom has a fully maneuverable fuselage, an adjustable head with an advanced articulator that mimics real jaw movements, removable jaws and easily replaceable plastic teeth. Thus, the student can perform any interventions on plastic teeth, including those involving disruption of the dental structure.



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